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I am a believer in Standards Based Grading.  Throughout the school year and all summer long, I’ve read and searched and read some more.  I am no longer on the fence of “that might work” – I know it will and am ready to sit down with my colleages as we outline our “map”.

We’ve determined our Learning Targets – and gotten our curriculum outlined, a course organizer ready to go.  The skeleton’s of our Unit Organizers are complete – now we’re ready to look at our assessments, how we will “grade” them and report to students and parents.  I like Dr. Guskey’s questionnaire – it helps me think about my own practices and reflect on which areas will need the most focus/change.

The key to success in reporting multiple grades rests on the clear specifications of indicators related to product, process and progress. Guskey, 2006

Our grades are out of sync- they’ve gotten everything but the kitchen sink averaged in and when a parent asks how a student is doing – well, their achievement, behavior and progress are all rolled in to one big number – so, I may / may not be able to give them a specific answer.  Guskey suggests reporting all separately.  Often times, its easier to show how a students process – lack of participation / completetion of assignments and home work are affecting his/her achievement (product), thus lack of desired progress is seen.  It just makes sense.  Guskey reports parents prefer this more comprehensive profile of their students learning and performance in school.

This strategy for student grades will add value grade reports since they will truly be a tool of communication for what the student has mastered, the process / effort they put into the class and a look at their individual progress throughout the school year.


RCHSAlgebra I Outline- June 1 2011




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