And They’re Off!


…so, I’m off to a great start this school year!  Its been a smooth beginning so far – and looking forward to this group of students.  Here’s what I love so far – their attitude, their effort, their go get-it-ness!

We were looking at simple arithmetic and geometric sequences – students were asked to create their own and write an equation to model; as well as look for other math sequences and a famous sequence.

Of course we had several examples of great sequences – the two most common were the Fibonacci and one I was not familiar with – the Morris sequence.

As part of my “borrowed” idea WCYDWT?  I offered up a bouncy ball…with the intent to lead into a couple of data collection labs related to the sequences.

lots of ideas brainstormed…circumference, radius, diameter (hmmm. but can we directly measure all of those???), weight, compare different size balls and their rebound heights with a fixed drop height (how do we determine size? weight or diameter?), drop height vs. rebound height, drop height vs. # bounces (oooh, Zeno’s Paradox…what’s that?), how long does it take to drop from different heights, how long does it take to reach its rebound height- the list goes on, but asking the students to look at everyday objects mathematically…this is going to be a fun weekly adventure!

As part of their “HW” assignment, I simply asked that students think about how the highlighted examples are related…a few students had some good thoughts jotted down – but the student who found a bouncy ball and actually collected the data…and explained the relationships to me verbally – I think the student has the right idea!  Right on it!!! 

It was interesting to listen to them “read” what they found on Zeno’s Paradox…but how cool to see a twinkle of interest in some of their eyes.

Just now getting into our assessments, the first target quiz today – went just as I wanted – after asking students to self assess on each of the learning targets – they went a step further and made specific notes to themselves – as to what mistakes they needed to look out for next time.  Ensuring that I am purposeful in my assessments. 

We’re just getting started, but its going to be a gr8 year! 


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