One thing I realized early on this year with my attempt at SBG is that I had not planned effectively.  Though I had several resources available for different levels of learners, I had not thought of how to implement the different levels efficiently in my classroom.  I have made some adjustments, but in a couple of units, I have found myself “teaching to the middle” again.  I have made some progress, but know that it will continue to be an area of needed growth. 

When I give a pre-assessment, I feel I need to administer a bit earlier so I have time to reflect over the results.  Hmm.  How do I accomplish this, so I’m not spending my weekends reflecting over their results or loose valuable classtime on a busy-work to simply keep them busy while I look over their pre-assessments? 

My thinking is to:

  • give unit pre-assessment a few days ahead of the actual instructional part of the unit
  •  use a problem-based, small-group investigation / related activity to introduce the unit to students – the day after the pre-test…possbily a data-collection, sorting activity or something with analyzing patterns???

Would this allow me time to view their results and organize learning activities best suited for each class?  I would adjust groups based on pre-assessments similar to what Laurie Amundson shared in How I Overhauled Grading with her classes.   

Allowing students to work at their own levels eliminates some of the disciplinary issues for me.  I am able to let those who are ready to move on – experience more enriching activities rather than bore them with what they already know.  I give others the chance to be in a smaller setting and get the one-on-one needed to move them forward.  I am able to provide specific help with a foundational concept when I talk with a student about their approach to a problem. 

Suggestions of how you accomplish this in your classrooms are welcomed!

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