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My 2012 Reading List


I’ve only begun to read again in the past 3 years – and only choosing to read professionally this past year – largely due to twitter / blogs which linked to articles/books. Three years ago, I was at a Women of JOY conference and had the opportunity to hear Karen Kingsbury speak – down to earth, an humble spirit – a REAL person – an intriguing life story.  I began reading her books and my desire to read was reignited!

When I was younger, I love reading – anything I could get my hands on about historical figures and the fact that my parents took us to historical places for vacation added to this desire.  Around 6th-7th grade, I’m not sure what happened – but I just quit reading unless it was for an assignment, and then I trudged through it.  Maybe I need to revisit Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Old Man and the Sea – I was not a fan during high school.  Later in college, I began reading John Grisham and Stephen King, but again, very limited.  Shortly after my first year of teaching I read a couple of books by LouAnne Johnson – My Posse’ Don’t Do Homework and The Girls in the Back of the Class.  Again, I only read if required for Master’s classes – not for pleasure.

I saw a tweet by @samjshah last week about his challenge to complete 52 books last year – and thought “How cool is that?!?”

So I posed a request to friends / colleagues.  I set my goal at 25 books – but the list grew and grew and grew and here’s my 2012 Reading List I’ve compiled.  Even as I type – I just received a text for The One Minute Manager.

One book that was recommended by not included on my list, but I would love to recommend, was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – I read it last February – my first read on my Kindle, which my dear husband gave me for my birthday!

Feel free to add to my list – I feel that a love for reading is a love for learning…

You’ll find the list very diverse – my life is blessed with many, many wonderful people – and several of these are recommendations from them!  I hope you’ll find something on my list to inspire you to take some time and read for yourself!



A friend also recommend to keep track of my books.