Battleships and Mines


Battleships and Mines

I cannot remember the exact place I aquired this activity – I’m thinking its CORD related from years back.

Students create a 20 x 20 Quadrant I coordinate system using string and the tiles on the floor.

In small groups, they are given their shipping lane equation and 3 enemy lane equations.  When each system is solved, they place a “mine” on the coordinate solution.  When all groups have plotted their mines, we graph the enemy lanes – using 2 points from the line.

Happy to say all groups earned at least 3’s on the completion of their task.  It was simple implement, a quick review and students said it was fun.

It was an opportunity for students to share different methods for solving systems, ranging from putting in slope-intercept form and using graphing calculator, substitution and elimination – they verified their work by comparing with others within the group.  The group had to come to concensus on where to place the mine (solution).  Conversations were great – when there was a disagreement, I observed them looking for mistakes, explaining to their teammate how to correct.  Almost everyone was fully engaged in the activity

Self-assessment was simple – if it wasn’t a direct hit, the group needed to revisit their work.  During our debriefing, group mistakes ranged from a simple mis-plot on the grid; using the y-coordinate for the x when finding the second coordinate; simple arithmetic – forgot to divide by the coefficient;  The groups who had to revisit their work – were able to explain how to correct their work.

Scoring Guide:

4 – All 3 systems are solved correctly, mines are plotted correctly, to result in direct hits.

3 – All systems are solved correctly, but a misplot results in an almost hit.

2 – one of the systems contains errors in solution.

1 – 2 of the systems contain errors in solution.



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