Looking for New Administration


I am a bit anxious about next school year.  We will have a new adminstrator and assistant principal. Change is good, but the unknown makes me nervous.

Anyone interested in relocating to a small town in Kentucky?  This position offers the opportunity to work with over 850 young, vibrant, creative minds.  You will have the chance to lead a staff of motivated, driven teachers.  As an added bonus, you will be in the back yard of one of the most beautiful recreational lakes in America, Lake Cumberland!

So what would I like to see in our new administration?  Someone who…

Cares about students and has students at the center of every decision.

Is a visionary- innovative, ready to take risks, creatively uses resources.

Will lead and push our faculty beyond anything we ever thought we were capable of achieving!

Will set high expectations for us and hold us accountable!

Is willing to listen and question our decisions to ensure positive impact on student learning!

Can walk into our classrooms, acknowledge what we are doing well but also make suggestions that will cause reflection, helping us continue to grow as educators.

Is a life-long learner and leads learning at RCHS by example.

Am I asking too much? I don’t think so.  A wise person once commented… “if we always hire the best, we will always have the best to offer our students” …and that, in my opinion, is the bottom line.

The actual posting for Russell
County High School on kde’s website reads:  Head Principal position with strong emphasis on Curriculum and Scheduling. School population is app. 860. All applicants can go to http://www.russell.kyschools.us to fill out application or email to rita.voils@russell.kyschools.us or pick up application at 404 South Main Street, Jamestown, KY 42629

There is an assistant principal position posted as well. 

Looking forward to a new era and keep reminding myself…change is good.

*this is not intended to be a reflection of past experiences with any administrator(s), only a wish- list for what is to come.

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