Made 4 Math Monday! #1


What an exciting day!  I cannot wait to see what everyone “brings” to share at our party!

I have a classroom set of dry-erase boards – that have been used A LOT through the years.  They are scratched and the finish does not allow the ink to erase smoothly or completely.  So, when I saw this first idea, tagged on Pinterest from, I wondered Would it really work?

need to try this:  to restore dry erase boards that are hard to erase: spray a clean board with wd40, wipe dry with paper towels. the wd40 fills in the dried pores of the board that hold in marker ink, making it easier to erase.

I cleaned the board – both sides – then sprayed on a bit of WD-40 and used my paper towels to wipe it on and “dry” it off.  I chose to let it set for a while and wiped it completely again.  The board is shiny and smoothy to the touch and when I swiped it – the ink erased with ease, no scrubbing.  If you use too much or do not wipe it off well, it will be greasy to the touch.  There is a oily odor, but with time (aka this morning) its faded.



I am 20 miles from the nearest Wal-mart, 35 miles from Hobby Lobby – but we have a little store in town called Mighty Dollar.  A quick trip to pick up some popsicle sticks (for my original Made4Math plan) – they were out, so I found the pom-poms ($1) a set of 6 dry erase markers ($1 per pack) and back home to do some hot-glueing (sp?)!  I was super excited when I saw this idea the other day.  I couldn’t find a definitive source – Pinterest via Math Teacher, @druinok, Julie Reulbach, Sarah Hagan – so thank you to whomever shared this GENIUS idea!

image  image  image  image

The pompoms really do work!  I chose to place them on the top of the cap, so the cap can be placed on pen as students write.  This may or may not work for certain types of pens – depending how the cap snaps on when open.  I applied pressure of 10 seconds.  After allowing them to set for a while – I pulled on the pom poms and none of them came off – though I’m sure, like anything, with enough pressure, they will peel off.  Simple, inexpensive and it works well!  Two thumbs up!!

My last tip – is something I did years ago – before I had “the real” dry erase boards.  Create your own by purchasing a pack of SMOOTH page protectors.  Around $4 for package of 25.  Unless you have a Mighty Dollar – $1 for pack of 20!  Run 2-sided copies of grid paper and coordinate plane on heavy cardstock, slip it in! Voila!  Instant dry erase boards!  I didn’t have my set at home – so I just placed a sheet of regular graph paper for an example.


This year, I believe I will have every student to keep one of these page protectors in their binders – this will allow for fewer copies on in-class assignments / practice problems.  If I provide them with copies of graph/grid paper I will use often – then everyone will have their own “handy-dandy” dry erase boards at their disposal!

I hope my #Made4Math ideas will inspire your classroom!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Love all these ideas! Gotta try the WD-40 on my dying whiteboards. Speaking of which, here’s another really cheap whiteboard idea: go to your local home improvement store and get a 4’x6′ sheet of showerboard cut into 6 sections. Ordinarily, these stores charge for the cuts but I’ve had luck getting the cuts for free if I go at a quiet time and mention I’m a teacher. The large whiteboards will fit across two student desks, allowing for big thinking or just a lot of room to work. The whole project is about $20.

  2. I love that your #Made4Math had a theme! 🙂 I also have some of those scratched up whiteboards that have been at my school longer than I have (so they are at least 15 years old), so definitely need to put WD40 on my shopping list! I also LOVE the idea of giving each kiddo a sheet protector for their binder – totally eliminates the time it takes to get boards out! If you put cardstock in them, would even be a bit sturdier for holding them up where the teacher can see the work. I’m also glad to hear the pom-poms work – that’s on my list for sure!

  3. talk about coincidence … my wife (an elementary school teacher) is gone on a trip to Mighty Dollar right now with a couple of her teacher friends – I was getting caught up on some older posts and the name caught my eye – checked out the “about” and sure enough you’re from rural central Kentucky too … I’ll be keeping an even closer eye on your blog now that I know you’re located in my own backyard!

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