Made for Math Monday Project #2 Station Activities



So what’s up for M4MM this week?   Maybe not so crafty – but useful and needed.

Hanging Vinyl Tape Measures

Often I am collecting “vertical” height data – either with students’ heights, bouncy balls or Barbie Bungee.

I have a set of 10 metal tape measures (from the tech prep era grants), similar to this  but it takes several pieces of duct tape criss-crossed to hold these up on a wall.  It would be more ideal if I could find lightweight, vinyl sewing tape measures.  However, most of those are only 60″.  Considering I teach 9th grade, many of my students are taller than this.  I picked up a couple of the tapes at my local Mighty $1 planning to piece them together and use a sharpie to remark it and make a longer tape.  To my surprise – the tape measures were 8′!    Woo hoo!  So, now, I actually needed  to cut the tape measure down.


  • Sticky wall-hook
  • D-ring or key-ring
  • Vinyl tape measure
  • A couple of marbles/stones for weight.
  • Hot Glue

I trimmed my tape to 82″, folded it over the D-ring and glued it.  I then glued a couple of flat marbles to the bottom to give it weight, allowing it to hang straighter on the wall.


Next, I measured 80″ on my wall to determine where to place my hook.


With the hooks in-place around my classroom, I can pull the tape measures out of the box and quickly hang them up prior to data collection.  They can also be hung backwards to measure in centimeters.  This is a project I’ve contemplated for a couple of years – and MMM has given me reason to actually do it!


Magnetic Border for your White Boards

If you also notice my white board border (Hmmm.  How are those two words related?  Random thought from all the literacy reading I’ve been doing this summer.)  This is something I’ve done for several years.   I purchase magnetic strips; cut them down to 1″ – 2″ pieces; hot glue them on the backs of border strips and use them on my white-boards.   I make sure to have pieces on the ends of the border strips and space out a few magnets in between.  I actually saw this same idea on an elementary blog the other day (sorry, I didn’t pin it) – but she had laminated her border, then hot glued the magnets on it.  I’m just too lazy to do this – but I’m sure it would allow the border to last longer.  Although, mine lasted several years and still looked great without being laminated- I was just ready for a change – and I did occasionally have to replace a strip that had gotten bent/written on.  You could easily use different borders to block your larger boards off into sections.

Station Activities for Algebra I

Another project I am working on – organizing materials needed for Station Activities from this book .

Though not difficult, it takes a bit of time to prepare the cards needed for some of the activities.  I began with their suggestion of index cards – then decided to actually create a file of the cards, so  I could share with other teachers.  Feel free to borrow/tweak and use in your classroom – and share – please, just don’t sell “my cards.”  I will share the files here as I complete them.  Open the files, print on card stock ( I suggest a different color for each station to keep them separated, but they are labeled*), cut apart, laminate (if you like) and have fun!

I also purchased 8×10 clear acrylic frames as suggested by I Speak Math in this post.  I really like her idea of creating a 5th station but only assigning students to 4 stations – to avoid overlap – removing the set time limit at each station can allow groups to work at their own pace.   As I plan for my 5th stations, I will post those suggestions here.

You will still need to purchase your own copy of the book for the actual station activities, but hopefully these files will help make your implementation of the activities a bit easier.  You can download a sample lesson from each of their books.  The book is from Walch Education but I shopped around and found mine for about $15 less. 🙂

If you notice a missing card set, either the lesson does not require cards or I just haven’t finished them/uploaded yet (sorry).

*Card Label sample:  REI Set 1 Solving Linear Equations #2 means Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities Activity Set 1 and Station #2.  The labels may/may not need to be there since this is my first go-round with this book/activities.

I’ve gotten all of the shared cards printed and cut apart – and ran them up to school – our Library Media Specialist volunteers to laminate items for us during the summer (THANK YOU DH!!!!)

While making these cards and going through some of the activities – my wheels have started turning – on ways I can use some of the strategies in other pieces of content standards as well…more to come on those later!

Hope you’ve found a helpful hint or resource in my post today!!!

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  1. OOOOO – I wish we had a Mighty Dollar here! I would love to have more of the vinyl tape measures without having to spend several dollars per tape measure! I also need to put some magnetic strips on my shopping list 🙂 Thanks for the station activities – I’ve often wondered if those books were worth the cost! 🙂

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  3. If you have a lot of things to “magnetize”, it may be worth your while to purchase magnetic backings for business cards. They are easily cut into strips and aren’t “curled” as the rolled strips are.

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