Be a Difference Maker! Reflections on New Administration


Earlier in the summer I posted that we were looking at the possibility of a completely new administration in our building this school year.  Last night, our new principal, who was a former assistant principal, had a faculty meeting.  I made a comment earlier in the spring, IF there was anyone in our building that I would trust to bring us together and move us forward, it was him.  I am very confident in him to be the leader we need.

He shared a couple of new things he envisioned for the school year – but then shared his philosophy of education and expectations he had for us.  Just a few highlights I jotted down.

Do the right thing.  Give your best in everything you do.  Its that simple, he said.  Be

  • Punctual
  • Present
  • Prepared
  • Professional

All reasonable and I believed him when he said he would hold us to these expectations.

Extra curriculuar activitites are the heart and soul of our school.  If we can get kids to participate in something – clubs, sports, band – they feel a since of belonging…like they are part of a community – they will take pride in all they are doing because its part of “their school”.  I am excited he has plans for a Showcase of Learning this fall – highlighting the great things students are doing in our classrooms!

Ask ourselves – Why did I become a teacher?  Remember the reasons we chose this profession to begin with…

Do whatever it takes!  He applauded a colleague who volunteered to take a class of students who had failed English I…for doing whatever it takes to help this students find success.  There was a need and this teacher stood up and said I will do it!  We should all have that attitude – not sitting back waiting on someone to tell us – but when we see a need, step up and do what’s needed – its about focusing on the kids…

Probably the challenge that stuck with me as I left was “Be a difference maker!”

He coached basketball for several years – and was very successful.  He shared about a player – Sarah Roberts Hart – earlier in the summer, this young mother of 3, who was expecting her 4th child, was kidnapped and brutally murdered while on a morning jog – talk about rocking our small town community.  He said, Sarah was a difference maker in all she did.  She wasn’t a teacher – but in all she was a part of – she made a difference.  He challenged us – as we go into our classrooms – we have so many opportunities to influence thousands of young lives – take interest in the kids – show up to support them – we owe it to our students – so, as we go into our classrooms this year…I accept the challenge …

Be a Difference Maker! 


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  1. Great reflections and glad you had such a positive first meeting with your new principal. I love the phrase “Be a Difference Maker,” and I’m also ready to accept that challenge! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiring words.

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