Farewell…Room 148


Did you ever have one of those days when you just wanted to sit down and cry?  Today was one of those days.  And I did – sit down and cry on the back steps of my school – in the warm sunshine…outside the doors from Room 148.

I sit one last time in “my room 148.”  I have called this place home and loved every moment here for what, the last 8years???  When we first began plans for a freshman wing – I jumped at the opportunity and have been a part of amazing teams year after year – helping our 9th graders build a strong foundation before they launch from “The DOCK” to the remainder of their high school years.  So many wonderful memories…

Room 148 was cleaned, organzied, put together and ready for students to arrive a week from today!  I’ve been in my room several hours this summer, purging files, etc.  Running across pictures from years past.  Tucked inside one of my desk drawers I found a stack of letters paperclipped together – from former students – thanking me for the difference I’d made in their attitudes toward math / school / life.  Yes, I shed a few tears that day as well.

As I cleaned out my desk drawers today – the neatest they’ve ever been organized due to tips from #made4math and pinterent this summer…I ran across a series of back and forth messages from – to my daughter – I love you mom, no I love you more…  and again, I cried.  My friend said – take the desk with you.  When I overheard my daughter telling her friends at church tonight about the notes she had written inside my desk (yes, a little scandolous for an 8yo to write on/in furniture), well, I have to take the desk with me, right?

My plan was to run by today, make some copies – ready for DOCK open house on Monday evening – tomorrow we planed a trip to Paintn Place for a fun day painting pottery – but at 8:24 this morning, my principal called and asked if the math department could meet at 10:30. 

Here’s the heartbreaker – my colleague was told by her doctor late yesterday that she had to retire.  She was told she could no longer teach due to health issues.  She’s not ready to retire.  She still *LOVES* working with students…she still *LOVES* the math…but she.had.no.choice.  I cannot even begin to imagine being told I could no longer teach. 

And I’ve cried off and on all day for her.  I’m still crying for her.

So how does this involved me.  Our BOE chose to move a 6th grade math teacher to The DOCK, which meant I would have to leave, since our other teacher is 5-8 certified and can only move up one grade level in Kentucky.    I was the easiest move to cause the least jumble in the schedule – open house is tomorrow night and kids are in the classrooms one week from today.

Its been an overwhelming and emotional day.  I’m loosing a dear friend to retirement.  And I’m loosing my room 148.

I’ve packed and moved stuff out of my room – so others can make their claim. 

I will miss my green / aqua walls.  The sun shines brightest on Room 148.  The view out the back doors during the fall – “my trees” – I guess I’ll pass them on to my dear friend C…let me know when they start changing colors, please…countless memories in this room – so many young lives have passed through.

What’s most awesome in all of this – a local church organzied prayer walks through our schools this evening – some students saw my empty room and asked what was going on…when they found out I “was moving” – they got my # and texted me… “… told us about your situation and we’re so sorry.  We know how much you loved that room and being in the DOCK.  So we would like to paint your new room.  If you don’t want us to, we understand, but we’d love to.”

They went on “Saturday works for us. what color do you would you like?”  Discussion of a new color – since I’m starting something new…  but I have no clue… something to ponder overnight.  Feel free to comment – do I stay with my blue/green combo or something new?

I am grateful for the years I have taught with D – an amazing educator who has always been ALL about the students.  I’m so sorry you are having to step out of RCHS early – but the lives you have touched – you will never know the impact you have made.

I have felt so selfish at moments today – hating to leave my room – set up a new room – get plans/etc. for 2 “new” classes I haven’t taught in over 8 years  – ready to go in 7 days!  I am just grateful I get to teach…math…but more importantly – students. 

Its a new adventure.  A new challenge.  I will succeed.  I may not be exemplary – but I will strive to be accomplished.  Farewell Room 148…the DOCK…my dear friends I’ve grown to love…come visit me – as you leave the double doors, take a left, go to the end of the hall and turn right…look up toward the south…

Welcome to Room 123…


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