Round Robin – Parabola Patterns #made4math 8/6/12


So… since last Monday – I’ve met my new administration.  Finished up final work in my room (148).  Found out I was being moved from the 9th grade wing to grades 10-12.  I no longer am in my comfort zone of Algebra I but will be venturing to the world of Algebra 2 and Geometry.  I emptied my classroom – I have A LOT of stuff – helped my retiring friend remove things from her classroom; my mom helped me clean my new room and finally, I have things in my new room.  There’s still a lot of organizing to go – but at least its presentable (somewhat anyway).

I haven’t had time to sit and even read through the standards for Geometry & Algebra 2 until today – while sitting in our district wide PD.  The highlight of my day – I not only had the highest attendance percentage in my building – but in the entire district…yep, that was kind of cool – especially receiving $200 for classroom materials (will be following @troystein’s suggestions on some tools for flipping instruction!)  – it may not get me ALL that I want / need – but it is a starting spot.  I want to believe it was because the kiddos loved the math – but the truth is – I had an amazing group of students who simply enjoy school – so I really could take no credit in it.

So, I am very much cheating on #Made4Math today (sorry @druinok for the late post) – I am just linking an activity I have really found success with through the years.  As I sit here, typing – it feels like I’ve shared this before – so I apologize if I have – its the best I can do this week.

I have used Round Robins with groups from size 3 – 8 students.  Each student places their name on the page – to ensure they get it back at the end of the activity.  Everyone in the group follows the instructions in the first box.  Pass the page to the person to their left, and everyone will move down one box and follow the instructions given.  Again, pass the page to the person to their left, move down one box and complete the given instructions.  Students will continue this format until they have completely filled in the “worksheet.”

Because the worksheets are designed with a variety of examples / number values – you may not be working with the same problem as the one you just completed, so everyone else’s work / responses relies on your response – its imperative you give your best effort.  I see students work harder on this activity than others – because their work matters to the next person.  Students have to stay on task – since others in the circle will have to wait on them if they are off task.

After the group has completed their pages – they are passed back to the owner.  Within the group – they must discuss patterns they recognized and try to develop “rules” they can use in future / similar problems.

Parabola Patterns Round Robin / Jigsaw -Addresses transformations on quadratic functions – vertical & horizontal shifts; narrow/wide & reflection; mutliple changes.   This is by no means my idea – I simply typed up a new set of problems.  These can be easily modified for any function transformations.  The original activities I received came out of Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky.

If you modify to another concept – please share your other ideas!

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  1. Here’s a couple ‘room-warming’ presents that might help with the transition to geometry and algebra 2 … if you were teaching function transformations in Algebra 1, I’m slightly in awe … not that they’re hard; just not a traditional concept to formally include there in my opinion …

    Geometry outline:

    Algebra 2 outline:

    consider both of these working drafts by the way – they’re far from perfect and probably haven’t been updated in about a year, but they do provide something to compare to if your district has similar documents or a starting point if you’re planning from scratch

    I’m also considering partially ‘flipping’ this year. I’ve purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet (one of the smaller ones) at Best Buy in Lex on clearance for ~$65, downloaded CamStudio (free), and already have a so-so webcam and mic built into the laptop.

    • you are awesome Aaron! Thank you. I generally used the transformations with honors Alg1 – simply because they could do it – but would modify it to single transformations for my Algebra Is. We do have curriculum docs – but have not had time to really process – so have a comparison will be so helpful!

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