My New Groovy Green Pencil Sharpener!


I’ll begin with my new Pencil Sharpener.  Like many of you, I read on several elementary blogs just how amazing this pencil sharpener is.  Yea, right.  So I checked it out.  Read some more reviews.

So, what do you do with a new pencil sharpener?  You sharpen pencils.  And more pencils.  And more pencils.  I let me 8 year old sharpen pencils just to test it out.  Her first reponse, “Man, ____ needs this one!”  She sat for 15 minutes sharpening pencils, and said it was fun!  When I asked her what she thought about the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener – she yelled, flexing her muscles…”IT’S AWESOME!!!”    I have to agree.  Sharpeners are always the nightmare in my classroom – going through multiple ones each year.

It says its the quietest – well, its not silent, nor should anyone expect it to be.  But using the strategy demonstrated in the video, you’ll hear it is much quieter than most.  I used several different pencils I have around the house to test run.

The first two pencils are Dixon Ticonderoga’s – the first one has had magazine print glued to it for decoration.  The last two are from a $1/12 pk – which usually do not sharpen well at all – I hate having them in my classroom.  Most sharpeners eat them right up, but not today!  You can see all are SMOOTH, steady points – none ready to break when you write with them.  I will post again about my Groovy Green Sharpener after the year progresses to let you know how well it stands up to Geometry & Algebra 2 students!  But for now, I’m seriously thinking of ordering another one just for home use!

Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to awesome office/school supplies!  This is definitely worth checking out!


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  1. How is this pencil sharpener different than a regular one? I’m seeing it all over the place but I feel like I’m missing out on something. How does it work??

    • If you’ve watched the video, the key is the bar that slides out. It has a grip that stabilizes the pencil… the student does not hold the pencil as it sharpens, so its not wobbling if that makes sense, so you get a smooth, centered cut.

  2. I’ve gone through too many school supplied and self bought sharpeners over the years to count. I was compelled to buy and try this one when I saw it on Pinterest. I LOVE IT…BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!! Mount is a bit limiting but may have that solved…Can’t wait to put it to the kid test this year!!!!

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