getting to know students questions


Here is a list of questions I ask students to respond to as a getting to know you activity:

  1. If MATH were a food, what would it be?  Explain.
  2. Would you eat it?
  3. If MATH were weather, how would you describe it?
  4. Finish the sentence – One time in MATH class…
  5. The BEST teacher I ever had was …. because … (this does not have to be a math teacher, even a school teacher – just anyone that has taught you something).
  6. 3 things I expect fof my teacher.
  7. 3 goals:  one for this class; one for high school; one for life.
  8. In 20 years, what’s one thing Mrs. Wilson will remember about you…

You can learn a lot about student attitudes toward math based on the first 3 questions.  Often times they will share something funny for Q4 – or a time they made a really good grade.  Question 5 allows you to see something they may value outside of math class – if they happen to share a teachers name in my district, I will try to send that teacher a message, letting them know…we all need to hear the things we’ve done that stick with our students.

Students really do just want a teacher who enjoys teaching, who tries to make learning purposeful and engaging for their students and is willing to help them – allowing them to ask questions when needed.  It amazes me they say not to sit behind my desk – seriously, that breaks my heart – because they’ve had that experience in a classroom.  One student told me last year – she had not asked a question since 2nd grade because her teacher had yelled at her when she asked for help. So.Very.Sad.  7 years of not being engaged in math class.

I believe goal setting is important.  I want to know those goals #1 so I can help students work toward them, but also so I can use them to find connections in my lessons.

Since I have had about 80% of my students in class before, I have been looking for other activities to use this year.  A colleague shared a venn-diagram activity and I saw someone else blog about it as well – I like the idea, but I hate to use the same idea if another teacher in my building is/will be using it also.

My number 1 priority the first few days is to connect with each student – to start a foundational relationship – so they can trust I am there for one reason –

Your Teacher's Goal is Simple Poster


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