#Made4Math Monday – Blind Draw


 So the pictures I thought I took for my Monday post were somehow not on my phone. Clueless.  So, I’ll share a quick and easy activity I snagged from Everybody is a Genius blog.  I created 8 different sketches (here blind draw).  Students were asked to describe to their partners – using geometric terms – and their partners were to recreate the sketch without actually seeing it.







The more difficult task is to have students sit back to back or with a blinder between them…

Listening to them describe, you can easily assess whether they know the correct terminology or not.

Nothing cute and crafty this week but a quick and fun way for students to practice using their vocabulary!


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  1. Love this! I will be using this with my Math 2 students this year. I would think it would reinforce vocabulary with them and my students in that class usually struggle with it. Thanks!

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