#Made4Math Monday – Practice Pockets & Filetastic




I was so excited to steal @druinok’s idea for this board.  I picked up the “library book” pockets at the PTS but cute as they are – they are flimsy and rip easily.  I wondered if laminating them would help…


Trim around the edges, then use a blade knife to oh so carefully cut a slit to open the pocket.


It worked!  Now with the laminated ones – I can write target concepts that are included in the pocket for practice/remediation then I can erase if I need to switch out items as units progress.


Filetastic from Mardel

When I decided INBs were a go for the school year, I loved @mgolding’s idea for storing copies & handouts in the hanging vertical file.  Earlier in the summer, @druinok had mentioned Mardel online for some great finds.  Someone else had tweeted – they had the Filetastics on sale for $5!  I put them in my cart – logged in the next morning and they were no longer on sale. 😦  $12.99 now.  Oh, well.  Missed a great sale, they could wait.

When I was moved to my new classroom – there is no space.  I had to order the filetastics – $12.99 or not.  I visited their site, picked a green, red and black one – put them in the cart, went to check out & I got them for $5!!! woo-hoo!  Somebody loves me!

I was a little leary when I first opened them up.  But once I got them hanging – with a file folder in each pocket – they are VERY sturdy.  Perfect. I felt this was a good way to use the space on the unused/extra door in my classroom.    I started with all gray folders to match.  I added my class colors in the bottom pockets – so I can place items/info for absent students – quizzes etc. I’ve passed back.  I had a couple of packs of cute-mismatched file folders from Walmart – put them in to see how they looked (green side).  I think I like them – got to get back there soon to see if I can find more – so they can at least be coordinated.


On the shelf against this wall – I followed @mgolding’s lead again – labeling where items need to be returned.  Only 2 weeks in to the year – but so far, its made a huge difference.  Simple.  Effective.


Hopefully as students walk out of the room, they’ll look up to see the quote from Nike’s Olympic ads – “Find Your Greatness…”


Some great thoughts in their ads – if you haven’t seen / read them – its worth a look.


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  1. Yay for stealing! 🙂 I love that I have such an amazing PLN that helps me be better on a daily basis. Without you, NONE of this would have ever happened! 🙂

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