#MyFavFriday – Intro to Logic Lesson


I always remember dreading to teach conditionals, inverses, converse and contrapositives.  Last year at a KLN meeting – a colleage, Susan, shared a lesson – she and her department had developed after training with Quality Core last year. 

Since I’m now teaching geometry again, I decided it was a great time to try it out!

It was a beautiful lesson.  However, with students who struggle with reading, I definitely see myself modifying just a bit.

Students were confused in the beginning – but after talking about the choices, taking time to do a sort with a partner / small group and talking about the different statements – each one can successfully identify and/or write each statement.

Susan’s Intro to Logic & Proof Lesson

This lesson includes reading, speaking, students get up and move, discussion, small group card sorts (inverse, converse, contrapositive), practice assignment also asks students to create their on set of statements (writing).

Simple.  So effective.  Thanks to Susan for sharing this with me!

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  2. I use this worksheet in my classroom! Love it! Thank you! I was curious if I could use this worksheet and transfer it to an interactive Desmos activity (card sort) so I can use this this year while we do virtual learning? Thoughts?

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