#made4math Monday! INB Pics & Triangle Investigation


INB pics of pages with WPapp

So this is nothing fascinating – but after some comments / favorited tweet about it – I thought maybe it was worth a quick post.

Catching absent students up on their INBs could be a headache – but I’ve been snapping a quick pic and using a WP APP on my phone – its only a matter of tapping share and its done.  I have a class blog already set up.  I simply title my post INB 23 Triangles 8/30/12 – all the information they need to get started on that page – page #, Title and date.

I tried it with a blogger APP and it was just as simple.  I am not as familiar with Edmodo app but I’m sure its just as easy.  Maybe @druinok can weigh in using it since she’s implemented Edmodo for her classes this year!


Another APP I discovered last spring was CamScanner – scan any document and create a PDF file – you can share via email or upload to dropbox, etc.  I realize their are many out there, but this one was free and had good ratings when I downloaded it.

Scan a handout and upload – students have access if they forget it at school or heaven forbid…lose it!  Its posted and even absent students can download it if needed.

Its been a lifesaver on several occasions.  At our PLC meetings – scan our sign-in/agendas and email it on the spot rather than waiting and having another item on my to-do list.

Naming Triangles Investigation

Here’s a sample of a last-minute activity I prepared on Friday.  Geometry was taking their first cumulative assessment – since this is my first year back on a block – I forgot they wouldn’t need the entire time in class.  Just as they were leaving for lunch I realized they had another 20 minutes when they returned!  Aaccckkkk!  I CANNOT waste a moment of time!

I remember using something similar to this way back when I used to teach geometry.  Sure they can name triangles by side lengths & angle measures.  But what if they only had the side lengths – could they tell the specific type of triangle?  They were VERY familar with Pythagorean Theorem – and since we know our Inverse, Converse & Contrapositive now (thanks to Susan!) – stating its converse was a cinch!  Now, let’s use it to determine what types of triangles we have…

Triangle Investigation File

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