An Idea on Differentiated Learning



What do I do when I have students on all levels of learning?  How can I successfully help each one at their individual level.  Its not going to be easy for all units of study, but I wanted to share an idea I got from watching Jessica Addison from Todd Central High School in Kentucky.

Jessica Addison – Todd County Central HS, KY  10 minute video with student interviews on using learning targets.  I like the way she’s divided the group into different groups to practice on various learning targets – based on their assessments.

I followed this format during a unit on solving equations in my Algebra I.  It was a pretty simple set-up.  I gave a pre-assessment based on learning targets.  Based on students results, they were placed into 1 of 4 learning groups.  On my board, I had sets ofskills practice sheets (with solution/keys attached to the back) for each type of equation to solve.  Collecting Like Terms, Distributive Property, Variables on Both Side, Multi-Step, Special Situations (identity, no solution).  I also had sets of absolute value equations/inequalities, Simple Radical and Rational Equations.

Students in each group were allowed to work on a set.  When they completed a practice set 6-10 problems, verified their solutions, they were allowed to move to the next set / group.  I have a list of the order for students to work through sets – including text / online resources.  Students in the more advanced groups, work within the small group.  I am available to help/answer questions with students who are struggling.  I walk around observing / spot-checking their work.  It was a very successful unit for my students.  Students appreciated getting more one-on-one help or being allowed to “work ahead.”

It’s not perfect, but maybe it can help you generate some ways to differentiate in your classrooms.

Video was part of this presentation/ PowerPoint Slides from Setting Clear Learning Targets 12/8/10


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