Lesson Planner Resource #made4math


While trying to catch up on my reader – I ran across Simplifying Radicals post on using Google Docs to create lesson plans.  She had an update at the top and suggested reading a comment made by another reader.

I briefly went over to Common Curriculum to check it out.  I’ve created an account, watched a few of the videos, looked through suggestions by other users and played around with lesson plans.  I like it.  I think I will eventually like it a lot.

Basically, you set up your schedule – what you’re teaching; edit a template – creating category “planning boxes” that you will use often.  You can add / delete any given day.  Within the template – hover over the settings for the box and choose “Show on Class Website” for items you wish for students to have access to on the class website it automatically creates for you.  The standards box is automatically included – you can search either Math or ELA CCSS by keywords or standard #.





Uploading files / linking to online resources / videos is VERY simple.  Currently files are quickly loaded from your computer, google drive, evernote, box and it seems dropbox will be added soon.

I created 2 separate resources boxes in my planner – Student – to include links to online resources / files for students to have access to on the class website; and another Teacher – to link resources I need.   This is one I just experimented – a drag and drop.  It displays the photo or file name.boxmax


I attempt to keep a class blog – but sometimes get behind keeping assignments / resources up to date.  What I think I’m going to LOVE about this site – as I’ve already mentioned, you can choose which planning boxes you want to show on the class website – then either give students site address OR post link on current blog, etc.

Website View

Website View

Excited about this new resource – Thanks to Debbie Hurtado for posting on Simplifying Radicals for the heads up!


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