Environment for Thinking Part 2 – Step Inside Room 123 #makthinkvis


If you knew nothing about me, but you walked in my classroom – I wonder…

What you would see?  What would you notice?
What do you think is going on?
What does it make you wonder? What questions do you want to ask?

What does it say about about me as a teacher, about the learning opportunities I provide my students?

As you walk in to Room 123:

Standing at the back, looking to the front:

Standing by exterior wall:


Front looking to back:

From a couple of weeks ago…triangle congruencies:

Question from student led to this sketch…original question stated shortest distance from B to AC was 5 in., how many places could D be located so BD would be 6 inches. Student asked would angle b ever be right angle? Another question, how long would AD have to be in order for angle B to be obtuse?

I’ll be honest, as I stood in the middle of my room, looking around, I was disappointed. On this particular day, there was little evidence of student learning/thinking. There’s not a lot of wall space in the square 23×23 ft. room.

Where? How? What types of evidence of student thinking and learning do you have up in your room?

The idea was not to necessarily to display student products, but learning tasks, chalk talks, documentation of discussions, concept maps that is left up for students to view/have access to during a unit of study. I welcome ideas, suggestions of ways I could improve…

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  1. Use chart paper and have students act as scribe for the entire class when you come to conclusions. Post those up on the walls, and just keep stacking one on top of the other.

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