To-Do List for Next School Year


During the school year, I just don’t have the time I want to read the amazing ideas teachers are sharing through their blogs.  Sure, I can capture a great idea here and there, but time to really immerse myself, processing ideas and working through how I can tweak for my students, nope. A tweet from @burgess_shelley suggested to read blogs from 3 people you follow each day.  So I started at the top of my list and have begun to work through it by reading 3 a day…my hopes are once each week, allow myself some time for reflection, adding to my to-do list for next school year.


In Whiteboarding Wins and Fails @borschtwithanna, it was the last item noted in her fail list.  I love the idea of snapping pics of group whiteboards and posting on class page, assigning reflection as hw…even offering prompts at the beginning of the year:
I liked ____’s strategy because….
Which strategies are most alike/different…
How can we connect the ideas…
One way to improve our strategy…
A question I have for the _____ group is…

Please offer ideas for other relection prompts!

In the comments of the post, Max/Anna discussed allowing students to classify mistakes and offer suggestions for helpful feedback.  Again, another great idea on my to-do list for next year!

@mathequalslove posted Vocabulary Knowledge Survey, a strategy suggested in the book Styles and Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics.  I appreciated the simplicity of the task, but when used purposefully, in my opinion, can have a great impact on student learning.  Vocabulary and literacy strategies can offer struggles for math teachers, but this is a very reasonable way to a) assess students’ prior knowledge b) opportunities to discuss connections to their prior knowledge c) allow them to self-assess, seeing where they are in their learning d) allow them to track their own progress throughout the unit of study.  Thanks for sharing this, Sarah!

I Shall Never Play a Review Game Again, @nathankraft1 offers his version of Grudge, a fun game of revenge on classmates for those who correctly answer a question.  What’s so great is how students who are out of the game can still participate by taking on a zombie role.  Sounds fun, engaging and I cannot wait to try it out in the fall!

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