CCSS Appendix A Traditional Course Outlines #made4math


It seems many are just now beginning the transition to CCSS.  These files may be helpful as you begin outlining your curriculum.  All they contain are the standards as outlined in Appendix A of CCSS – recommendations for each traditional course.

Algebra I CCSS

Geometry CCSS

Algebra II CCSS

These files are only intended to help you ensure you have addressed each standard within your local curriculum.  How you organize your units can vary to district to district, but I am hoping these will help you as you organize with the CCSS.

If you have any issues with the files, please contact me, I can email them directly to you if needed.

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  1. YES! Thank you! I’ve been meaning to get around to a checklist myself. Just wondering what the 14 boxes are for?

    • We used them with our unit titles at the top and placed a check under the unit where that particular standard would be primary assessed to ensure we had everything incorporated into our curriculum

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