My dream…a great reflection tool for PLCs…


In a chat last month, I met @TJterryjo and wondered what the header picture of her twitter was all about.


It looked like some good qualities with lots of dots, but how was this generated? So I asked…


Basically her PLC was asked what characteristics a dream math student would have (in green).  Then, as teachers, what they could do to create that dream (in blue).  At each PLC, they “dotified” what they had seen in students and themselves to see if theybwere moving toward that dream.

I think this is an awesome, simple reflection tool.  Though more powerful as a group brainstorming and reflecting together, its a tool that anyone could use as they are workingntoward a set goal.

Thanks Terry for sharing!

Pam Wilson, NBCT
Currently Reading
5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions, Smith & Stein
Teach Like  a Pirate, Dave Burgess
From Ashes to Honor, Loree Lough

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