A Dream Math Class, Teacher & Student


Playing off this idea from @TJTerryJo, a reflection tool for PLCs, I plan to modify for my students/classroom.


My initial thoughts to create a poster for each class, using different colors for each set of traits.  I can leave these up, as a visible reminder to each class of what we are trying to achieve.  Or should I store them away until we revisit/reflect?

Green – what characterisitics would an ideal math classroom have?

Blue – what does an ideal math teacher do to support you in achieving this goal or do to create this environment?

Purple – what characteristics would a student in this dream math class have?

At the end of a unit of student, take some time to reflect as a whole class and dotify the traits that were evident, maybe use yellow to dotify traits we need to improve?

I am unsure how to word my color-questions, so suggestions are welcomed!

Would it makemsense to start with student, then classroom, then teacher? Undecided on order as well.

Pam Wilson, NBCT
Currently Reading
5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions, Smith & Stein
Teach Like  a Pirate, Dave Burgess
From Ashes to Honor, Loree Lough

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