INB – Extension Pages


Several folks seem to be planning INBs for this year.  I had lots of questions last summer. 

I learned a lot this past year and feel that round 2 will be more successful.  The first point of confusion for me last summer was, how could I possibly interact with every single student via the INB?!?!  I finally realized through some great instruction from Megan & Elizabeth, the purpose was actually about students interacting with the new information I provide them.  After reading a little on Cornell Notes format and some INB brain research connections, I felt I had a better understanding. 

I remember some brain research for study habits for students, if you can get them to interact with new information in a purposeful way 3 times within a 24-hr period, it increases the likelihood to retain/recall the inrormation.  The right hand input, the left hand do something with the new information, and follow-up the following day in class with reflection or assessment. No, I don’t have a link, but when I find it in my old PD notes, I will cite and link!

My biggest fear was when I heard someone suggest everyone stays on the same page…what if my notes ran over…flipping the page was not allowed! What?!?!? I, personally, found this rule something that made the INBs a success for my students. Whenever a student was looking for info, another might tell them a specific page to look. To each his own, I would never judge you if you had a different rule. Whatever works best for your students!

But Megan taught me about extension pages…be careful! Tell students to take their notes BEFORE attaching the page. Tape top of extension page to bottom of INB page…

Then fold it up…

It folds flat and no bulk when INB is closed.

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  1. I did the exact same thing year! Some of my students write so much larger than others. Taping in pages (or large Post-its) really helped keep everyone on the same page!

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