Dice #tlapmath


Well, @druinok shared this amazing find from Dollar Tree!


First of all, let me just say, JEALOUS!  But soon after, she shared an idea from #tlapmath Walk the Plank ideas to make lessons Pirate-Worthy.  So, being on the road home from a visit to my brother’s near St Louis, I had plenty of time to think. Hmmmm.

Here are a couple of  thoughts. 

Roll the dice, generate 3 sets of coordinates.  Prove what type of triangle they form.  Find the perimeter. 

OR roll 6 sets of coordinates.  Which triangle is “closest to being equilateral”?

Create coordinates for a quadilateral.  Prove what type of quadrilateral.

In a group, compare your quadrilaterals.  Who has the one closest to being a square? Rectangle? Or other polygon. Why?

Use your 8 coorindates and can you arrange (x,y) pairs to create quadilateral closest to _____?

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