Reflection on Previous Post -Equations of Lines


As I thought back on the lesson, I wondered why so many students had trouble with placing the axes on the 3 graphed lines.  As I just read @wmukluk’s comments in the previous post, I realized the lesson focus was not on graphing.

I wondered, did I miss that part somehow?  One of the targets was to Identify and use intercepts.  However, nowhere, except the assessment task, were they asked to do anything with a graph.  They were asked to identify in the sort, but never asked to use the intercepts.  In the materials section, it stated, Graph paper should be kept in reserve, and only used when requested.

Students had graphs on their whiteboards as they worked, but only a hand full used them in their discussions and even fewer offered them as a strategy to confirm.  Now, as I look back, I find this interesting because more often, students will choose a graphical method over algebraic. Hmm.?.?.

In our wrap up discussion, we actually graphed possible equations for a given equation to show a rectangle was formed. 
I wonder if I add the element “Verify your card sorts by showing graphically.”   Though, I am still not sure this would help the fact that they had trouble placing the axes.

I wonder what type of responses I would receive if they were given multiple copies of the same sloped line, but asked to place the axes with the origin in different locations…how does this affect/change the equation of the line.  Which could lead to great discussion on function tranformations.



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