Powerful Problem Solving Winter/Spring Chat #ppschat


Here are links to the Storify for our chats:

Chapter 1 1/22/14 Introduction

Chapter 2 1/29/14  Communication & Community

Chapter 3 2/5/14  Learning Through Listening

Chapter 4 2/12/14 Noticing and Wondering

Chapter 5 2/19/14 Changing Representation:  Seeing the Big Picture

Chapter 6 2/26/14 Engaging Students’ Number Sense with Guessing

Chapter 7  3/5/14 Getting Organized

Chapter 8 3/12/14  Generalizing, Abstracting, and Modeling

Oops!  I somehow waited too long – having trouble rounding up these tweets for Chapter 8!

Chapter 9 3/19/14  Looking for Structure

Chapter 10 3/26/14  The Problem-Solving Process & Metacognition

Chapter 11 4/2/14  Reflecting, Revising, Justifying, and Extending

Chapter 12 4/9/14

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  1. Hi,

    First time poster here. Thanks for your blog. I was wondering if you could address this anti-Common Core post that’s making the rounds of facebook and various websites — it’s a page from a math exercise.

    My relative posted it, venting about how it doesn’t make any sense to her. My general thought — not being a math teacher — is that the bottom part isn’t really supposed to be a way of deriving the answer to the problem “32-12,” but rather, simply a way of getting students to explore the relationships between the various numbers, showing how the student can add three to get a multiple of five, then add five, then 10, and so forth. An exercise to develop mathematical dexterity, so to speak.

    Instead of just learning that “20” is the answer to “32-12,” the student learns to see that the number “32” is composed of different groupings of numbers that can be combined in various ways.

    I found the same image posted online on some right wing discussion board, here:


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