KCM 2014 Links


Fabulous, Friendly, Fun

Fluency Forward ~ KCM 2014


Fabulous Starters

*Estimation 180 – Mr. Stadel                   

*Counting Circles – Sadie Estrella

Number Talks –

Jo Boaler                          Stanford Course How to Learn Math

Convince me! – Steve Leinwand

Inside Mathematics

Fawn Nguyen (math talks)

*Odd One Out – Malcolm Swan  


Encourage a Culture of Listening

Powerful Problem Solving, Max Ray


Student Reflection

*Color with Purpose, Interactive Notebooks


1. I use to think…

    But now, I know…

2. HW

        Which 2 problems were most alike?  Explain.

        Which 2 problems were most different?  Explain.

       A particular problem that I struggled with…

3.  Practice / Activity

      Which problems were easiest for me?

      Which problems were most difficult for me?

      Watch for…..

4.  Wrong Answer Analysis, Stiggins

5.  2-Minute Assessment Grid

6. Chalk Talk, Making Thinking Visible

Friendly Interactions with Math

*Open Questions – More Good Questions, Marian Small & Amy Lin

Task #1  Slope is 3/5

Task #2  (0,2) and (5, 0)


*Staircases & Steepness – Fawn Nguyen


*Triangle Centers – Geogebra

Notice / Wonder(The Math Forum)

Amusement Park Placement


* Sol LeWitt (Art Structure) Notice/Wonder (Max Ray/Annie Fetter)


Open Sorts 


Representing Polynomials FAL

*Midpoint Miracle (geogebra)



Shadows (Zoom out) – Kentucky Vietnam Memorial


Fun Opportunities

Graphing Stories – http://graphingstories.com/

Formative Assessment Lessons from MARS  

Tom distance/time graphs

               Everyday Situations with Functions

Speed Dating Function of Time Blog


Dice Equations of Lines with some Novelty


Blocks Polynomial Station Activities


Hole Punch Game


Ghosts in the Graveyard Math Tales from the Spring Blogspot


Math Madness Music – Bob Garvey

YouTube Parodies – Westerville South High School Gettin’ Triggy with It, Quad Solve


Engagement Wheel
David Sladkey
Reflections from a High School Math Teacher

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