2048 #MTBoS30 Day 1


Attempting a 30 day challenge…thanks to Julie for passing along Anne ‘ s challenge.

It seems these last few weeks of school are hectic… I often fall back in to my trench of old habits and shift in to survival mode. 

This year, I am hoping Anne ‘s challenge will hold me accountable to ending on a high note.

It’s important to connect with our students, for them to know we buy-in to their education and progress.  This year there’s a particular student who stops by my room everyday, sometimes twice a day.  In the past couple of weeks,  I shared 2048 with them.  Yesterday, this is the screen they shared with me…


What I appreciate most was their curiosity…is there a highest tile? If so, what  would it be? Why?  They arrived at a conclusion of 2^16 with some good reasoning.

I walk away from the conversation proud…they feel accomplished in that they beat their teacher at 2048.  But more so, they wondered about the math behind the game. 

Update: Just got in from working at Prom (which was a gatsby theme, pretty awesome btw)… but this student volunteered to work tonight. Anyway, while there, she got this tile:

Pretty amazing, huh?


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