Why I Teach #MTBoS30 Day 2


About…12 years ago…this student loved music, played the guitar…but not a fan of math…but I actually remember looking at functions of musical nature in their class…

Last week I awoke at my usual time, sat down with my cup of coffee to enjoy my morning quiet time, Bible reading.  As I started to pull up my app I noticed a FB message…

Mrs. Wilson,

I don’t know If you’ll remember me, but I just wanted to say thank you for being a great teacher.

I’m a news reporter now, and we’ve been doing a lot of spotlights on local teachers and it got me thinking about the best teachers I’ve had over the years and you’re name is way at the top of my list.

To this day I remember math concepts I learned from the songs in your class room at RCHS. I was never a math person, but you always went out of your way to make sure everyone understood. That probably saved me in those early algebra classes.

With so many teachers nowadays who are just trying to get by and draw a paycheck, I always remember the passion you had for us. You’re one of the best teachers I ever had and in my case, the fact that you are a math teacher says a lot.

Again thank you. I hope the students who are lucky enough to have your class realize what a great teacher they have.

…and that is exactly why I do what I do.  So appreciative of this message.  Timely. Priceless. 
And yes, it made me cry. 


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