Mindset #MTBoS30 Post 6


A bit sad when I read Fawn’s post here but true.

Yes our students may come to us broken down and have given up on learning math.  But that’s when we have an opportunity to give them a chance…

By using open tasks, anyone can play with the math…not just “the smart kids” who have memorized all the steps and procedures. 

The thing I appreciated most about the staircases task was there were no rights/wrongs as we began.  Only a what do you think?  And why?  Students ordered the staircases, discussed with classmates, supported their claims with reasoning or critiqued the thinking of others. 

Then, they had to devise a measure that confirmed their claim.  In 2 years, this is one of my favorite lessons.

I will continue to search for rich, thoughtful tasks that allow ALL of my students participate and move forward. 

They may arrive at a zero love for math, but when they leave, they will know they are quite able…


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