I listen, I Learn #MTBoS30 Post 12


A student had a question about a system of equations problem in their review packet this past week.  It seemed like a straight forward problem, but they were struggling with it. Another realization I must be very intentional to spiral early topics throughout the year.

Another student quickly blurted out the answer, so I asked them to explain their approach.  Here is a look at their thinking…


Again, I don’t think this way.  My brain has been trained to use the traditional multiplication/linear combination.  The student’s idea is exactly the same, yet it makes so much more sense, not so procedural, but making sense of the numbers.  I even used this approach with a couple of students who were needing some help…they quickly picked it up and was able to adjust their thinking and apply to other problems.

Yes, when I give them an opportunity to share…I listen and learn.


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