You Asked for It, You’ve Got It #MTBoS30 Post 13


I remember a conversation 3 years ago with a 9th grade class of students.  One asked me why we didn’t offer AP courses at our school.  My reply, “Because some people think students don’t like to be challenged.”  I was serious.  A conversation in the previous spring, a person asked me, “Why would a student want to take a hard AP course over a guaranteed dual credit class?”  Because maybe they like to learn and want to be challenged?

Anyway, that day in class, I told the students if they wanted AP courses offered, they needed to ask for them.  Their parents got involved and next year we are adding AP Literature, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics just in time for their senior year.  What’s even better…there are 109 requests between the 3 courses.

When I spoke with a student the other day with concerns about their attendance and how it would have impact on their success i  AP…they replied, “Yes, I understand.  My mom has the same concerns.  But its a class I want to take. It will challenge me.  I will be here.  I’m looking forward to it.”

Another student was asked why they were taking 2 AP classes and an online Physics course (we don’t offer Physics…sad.)  Their reply, because I can and I want to.

There are many others who put them in their alternate requests.  I am proud so many have stepped up to be challenged.  I am so proud, they have more options their senior year.  I am proud they took the initiative and asked for what they wanted.


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