Summer Reading 2014 #MTBoS30 Post 14


I actually began reading this book, but the last weeks of school kicked in and I had to put it down…
Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics, Ilana Horn


I saw so many things about this tweeted out of NCTMNOLA…
Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematics Success for All, NCTM


As I refine unit organizers this summer, I hope to focus on making Essential Questions a vital part ot the units.


I am determi ed to make an impact on student reading through a focus on vocabulary/literacy strategies.  I participated in a webinar the other afternoon…some great strategies shared, looking forward to learning more…
Vocabulary Their Way: Word Study for Middle and Secondary Students, Shane Templeton


As I begin preparing for AP Statistics…
Lady Tasting Tea, David Salsburg


A colleague shared a copy of this book with me earlier in the year…
Invent to Learn:  Making, Tinkering, Engineering in the Classroom,
Martinez & Stager


Being a confident teacher leader is a goal in this last half of my career…learning to listen and consider others’ strengths is important…
How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie


And for kick back, relax…The Fault in Our Stars was recommended by some of my students.
Thanks to @druinok, I have a shelf full of kindle books ready to go, too!

What other titles are you considering this summer?


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  1. I finished Strength In Numbers yesterday. I read 6 of the 8 chapters in one day! So good! I’ve got so many books I want to read this summer. Maybe I should make my own list to keep me focused!

    • I have to have accountability. So this is my commitment! I read first 2 chps pretty quickly…Great stuff but with state EOCS, finals and wrapping up, I was afraid it would make me want to try something new with no time to reflect/adjust.

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