Everyday…Success is No Accident #MTBoS30 Post 16


I really Iiked this. A.lot.


I decided last week to offer an Experience as a Learner survey to my students modeled after the one found here in @grantwiggins post  Fixing High School by Listening to Students.

I will reflect when I have all of my classes to complete the survey.  But for now, 100% of my students responded they strongly agree “My teacher…really loves her subject.”

There are topics I don’t enjoy but if I go into the classroom with a ho-hum attitude, why would I expect my students to have a different attitude? 

I get to set the tone, everyday.  I get to grab their attention, everyday.  I get to choose to interact with each student, everyday.  I get to let them know they matter, everyday. 

Of course I love what I am doing!  It is hard work.  I must persevere. I study and learn myself…I must model the characteristics I hope to see in them…so they can find success.


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