Honey, I Shrunk the Kids #MTBoS30 Post 15


Many years ago, when I first began teaching, students compiled portfolios in their mathematics classes.  In the beginning it was a waste of time.  But as they adjusted them, I felt they could be useful learning tools.  About the time they got them just right, (students were making claims and supporting with reasoning /evidence, not just a bulleted list of steps to solve an equation)…well, they did away with them.

A colleague shared a task during my last year of portfolios.  I ran across it a couple of years ago in a file some where.  Once again, I forgot about it until I found this DVD:


The task was simply for students to devise a plan to confirm or dispute Disney’s claim that the kids were shrunk to 1/4 inch tall.  Most would collect some measurements from the movie screen and support their conclusions with proportional reasoning.

Kind of interesting to determine if they held the same ratios throughout all of the scenes or if some seemed more to scale than others.

What other movies could be offered in a similar task?


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