#made4math Monday: Learning Target Quiz Cards


Last year I wanted a file for each course, with sample questions addressing the learning targets to use as either an intervention or for retake quizzes.

Different suggestions were made in a discussion on Twitter regarding organization, offering different levels of questions.  This morning, I am trying to plan out my format.

Here is what I have come up with so far:



Standards/Learning Targets
Index Cards
Index Card Dividers (Tina suggested coupon organizers for built in dividers)

I chose a standard.  Labeled my divider and thought it might be handy to write out the actual standard.  (Yes, this could be done with printed labels).


I am using level colors that coordinate with our Discovery Ed. Benchmarking system.

  L1-red, is the very minimal; L2-yellow, shows more understanding;


L3-green, is where I want to get everyone (this set came from Illustrative Mathematics Project); L4-blue, are open questions for this example anyway…may need to change this later.


I am including answers on the back for guick-check.


These are a quick, rough sketch…trying to iron out my goal, how I want to use them.

My idea is to have a coupon/photo organizer for each unit I teach.  Use actual learning targets from our unit organizer in order to move Algebra 2 closer to SBG.

Suggestions for improvments or your own experiences are welcomed!

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  1. I like this idea. A few weeks ago I looked for questions that match our first unit’s standards – typed them up on a single page. But your idea of a card catalogue of quick checks is intriguing!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I’m beginning to collect problems for each standard of 8th grade algebra in an effort to move closer to SBG as well. I have a question about using these to quiz. Are you planning to give a level 1 quiz, for example, and then move on to a level 2 quiz? Or give one quiz with a mixture of questions and determine student level based on which questions they answer accurately?

    • thank you-great question, honestly I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. My initial thought is these would be used for intervention or retake quiz, so at some point, I will have an idea of where student was prior to this step.

      I like the idea of target quizzes with 3-4 leveled questions and as student works through, you can see their level of skill/understanding.

      Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions!

  3. This may not be the direction you are headed, but I found it useful to (a) use Word to print out my index cards (set your page size to 4×6) so I could reprint them as needed, and (b) if I put one question per card and made about 10 cards per topic, I could create different assessments for each student — just hand them a group of 2-4 cards (make sure you put “Do not write on this card”, though **g**).

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