APSI Beginning Statistics Day 2


So much information. Landy Godbold, our instructor, is so good at story telling…I get wrapped up in discussion of tasks that I forget to jot down key points and big ideas.

1. One of my favorite tasks todays was when we were asked to sketch box-plot with varying lengths in each interval.  Then we had to create a possible histogram for that same data.  Thinking was going on.  You could see it on our faces.

I believe we don’t ask our students open questions like this enough.  An add on…create another possible histogram for the same box plot.  For some, actually creating a set of data was the approach. 

My question for students…Can 2 different sets of data actually result in the same box-plot?  And let them explore.

Create 2 data sets that match a single boxplot yet have vastly different histograms. 

These are not as simple as I would have expected initially. 

2.  Another task today was with a single set of data.  We created our histogram using zoom:9 feature.  Then we were split into 4 groups and asked to graph using different xmin values.  Great point.  I knew it was possible but did not expect such a big difference in our resulting graphs.

3.  In a group of 4, each person ran 1-var stats for their specific data set, (mckenzie set) then asked to sketch possible graph using our descriptive stats.  Then we were asked to create an actual histogram and compare the 2. 


Please dont judge  my sketches…these are all from memory since I was too absorbed in discussions to write down actual examples!

The thing I appreciate about our class, I am being asked to look at things through a new lense.  I am thinking.  I am learning.  I like it. A lot.  Hoping I can learn enough between this week and TMC to help my students find their own success!

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