Life Mission Statement


Today our school participated in day one of training for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I walked away this afternoon knowing I ask my students to do something I am not so sure I have done myself.

What is my mission in this life?  My homework is to find an object that represents this…and be ready to share it tomorrow.

My twitter profile reads…
Live each day to the fullest – find joy of living in the moment, not worried over tomorrow, taking time to be grateful for the small things, investing time with those that matter;
Laugh when you don’t want to – find humor in those difficult moments, a good giggle breaks those stressful times;
Love the unlovable – firm believer that loving others is the answer…just denying my selfish pride is the difficult part sometimes;
Learn something new and share it- being a lifelong learner keeps your mind renewed, finding a passion or interest and investing time in it then sharing your passion with others keeps the cycle going.

But what is my mission? 

On my 80th birthday…what difference will I have made to others in this life?


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