GRIT Team #julychallenge


Our afternoon session was a culmination of our discussions as they would pertain to ourselves, our school, our environment.

We had 4 big ideas-each table brainstormed and discussed possible options, then shared our 1 best idea which we added to a combined list.

These posters were hung together on a focus wall.  Our final challenge was to have volunteers for our teacher GRIT team.  As soon as the afternoon session ended, Mr. Blackford requested the volunteers meet up front for next steps. 

Shout out to these folks – our Goal-Driven, Resilient, Influential, Teachers team: 

It was great because these are NEW faces!  Awesome. Exciting. New volunteers.  One colleague said to me “… I really want things to change, and instead of talking about it I want to be a part of it!”

Our teacher GRIT team will meet, review our big ideas lists, provide a plan to our faculty with goals and timelines…first week of school, first month, semester, year, etc.

We have made some big strides over the past couple of years in the right direction, but I am honest in saying I am fearful because I have trust issues.

It was a statement in a video clip that pushes me forward… “…There was something Abraham Lincoln said – he’d rather trust and be disappointed than distrust and be miserable all the time…”
~John Wooden

I choose trust because miserable is not part of my goal.

If you ever have the chance for William M. Blackford IV to be a consultant, I highly recommend him.   He is genuine, fun, energetic and challenging.  I left our last day of a 3 day training re-energized for sure, excited to see these changes take place.  I believe it’s going to be an amazing process for our school and community.


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