Reading for my 10yo #julychallenge


At the beginning of summer, I challenged my 10 year old to read 1000 pages this summer…anything as long as it’s at least her grade level.

We’ve had a busy schedule, wrapping up softball, getting back in to swim, my nephews were in town for a week, VBS and 4H camp last week.  Needless to say, not many pages have been read.

She enjoyed several of the a Kate Decamillo books in pat years.  But ask and she says she prefers nonfiction.

She overheard me last fall telling my mom about The Book Thief.  She was asking me about it last night and said it sounded interesting…that if she didn’t have books, and had to steal them, it would make her sad.

She has asked a couple of times about The Hunger Games.  One of her friends is an avid reader and read the series this spring.  I have not read the series but told her if she wanted to read it, I would read with her so we could discuss it. 

I loved reading biographies in elementary school.  Sometime around 6 – 7th grade I stopped reading for pleasure.  I actually despised reading until about 3 years ago. 

My husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday.  The first book I read on it was Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand.  Yes. It’s a worthy read!   And the world of twitter, blogging has sparked my love of professional reading.

I feel reading can make such a big difference.  I want to encourage her, I hope she actually loves to read.  It would make me sad to see her follow my path and lose a desire to read.

So, I am curious.  What was a favorite book when you were younger?  Or even what do your children enjoy? 


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  1. As far as fiction goes, I loved the Harry Potter series, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, the Blue Balliett mysteries (Calder’s Game, Chasing Vermeer, The Wright Three), and Ella Enchanted. There are so many great books out there …

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