Linear Speed, Skip – it #julychallenge


So, apparently this problem troubles @cheesemonkeysf


I suppose you could link it to some literature with the story of David and Goliath.

Wondering if you could tie it in some ridiculous context to a favorite childhood Skip – it or Lemon Twist?  Maybe let each students take their turn at Skip – it and calculate their linear speed, assuming the lemon was released at a specific moment.


Or what about looking at arm lengths somehow for discus event in track?  I am not a physics person (though someday given time and money, I would go back to learn and get this certification).

Or an ice skater spinning with an object in their hand to release?

Silly? Maybe.  But the post has got my brain wondering this morning… isn’t that the goal of any good teacher?


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  1. Hi Pam, I love the idea of the Lemon Twist test! That would be a fun experiment. I can’t count on all students knowing the David and Goliath story (many newcomers from non-Western countries), so it would be fun to get them thinking about something they could time themselves.
    Thank you!
    – Elizabeth (@cheesemonkeysf)

  2. In Jo Boaler’s book “What’s Math Got to Do With It?” she describes a classroom working on a problem that reminded me of this — it turns out to be an IMP problem from Year 3 (I think). The basic gist is that a skateboarder holds onto a spinning merry-go-round until she suddenly lets go. The questions that follow have to do with how fast, and in what direction, the skateboarder will go flying off. It’s a smaller problem in a larger unit about diving off of a moving ferris wheel into a moving train car full of water (yikes!)

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