Google Form to Track RTI


Last Spring I had one block designated for RTI.  Initially our focus was on students below benchmark on their PLAN as an indicator of their ACT.  All 11th graders in Kentucky take ACT during March.  After ACT, we began to look at their Discovery Education Benchmarks for their current course to highlight students below proficiency or those not progressing at an expected rate.

When assigned to RTI the previous year, I was a mess.  I never felt I had a good grasp on my purpose and end goal.  This year, I went in with a plan of action.

For the ACT, first half of the semester,  I deconstructed 4 practice exams, looking for big ideas that correlated with suggested topics from ACTs website for students within this score range.  I used varied strategies (Notice/Wonder, visual patterns, white boarding, small groups, individual, online review options, etc) to interact with students while utilizing these big ideas as our initial goal.  Each student took a 15-minute evaluation using Method Test Prep to give me a  baseline (unless their current teacher could provide me with other evidence).  Some students had taken the actual ACT and we were able to use those results as a beginning step as well.

From Discovery Education Benchmarks, I considered the areas students were not progressing in and provided similar strategies as with the ACT above, just more focused on specific content as it pertained to their course of study (ie algebra 2 vs geometry) to help them move forward.

I needed a way to track the variety of students, so I created a Google form and placed a link directly on my desktop.  At the end of RTI, during planning or afterschool, I could quickly enter information.  This intent was just to track who I was working with, how often.  However, the goal of RTI is to provide supports for students that will enhance their learning and transfer to achievement.  As I met with individual students, we discussed where they were and I allowed them to set their own goal.  This was in their their file, they wrote it out, but I need to modify my form and enter their goal, along with final results in order to help me see the learning all in one place.  If you’re not familiar, responses to g-forms are shared with you in a spreadsheet, so you can sort by student if you like.



My form was simple and included the following:

Student Name.

Date. (there was a time stamp, but sometimes it may be after school or the following day before I entered their information).

Time of day – drop down menu. (RTI was 3rd block, but if a student’s schedule didn’t work well with that time, I met with them during my planning or afterschool ESS).

Topics Addressed – checkboxes with an option for Other.

Method Test Prep results (from evaluation, Practice Test 1, Practice Test 2 and/or Lessons they completed on their own time/during RTI.)

Misc. Box to enter notes of how much we completed, successful or need to continue, etc.


My intentions are to include DE Benchmark with subcategories and reporting levels this year as well as a place to record their goal, comments and reflection each time I meet with them.  I need to add ACT score, EOC score as well as DE Benchmark final results.

Even though I currently do not have a section of RTI assigned, this is a form I plan to modify and use within my own classroom.  I will utilize our Method Test Prep in the fall to set baselines and see needed areas for attention, then focus


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