Patiently Waiting to Get into My Room


We have major renovations going on in our school, which will continue throughout the school year.  I am biting at the bit to get in my room to get it ready, but it seems that’s not any time soon.  So I wait.

I have many ideas bouncing in my head but I feel actually being there is what it will take to pull some ideas together.

I initially thought about painting the walls, but time and lack of decision will not allow it.  So here’s my color scheme for now…


My walls are a buttery yellow.  My teacher chairs and window treatments are the floral fabric seen above.  I completed those last summer and this fabric is very happy beside the wall color.


My tall wooden shelf is at home painted Watery Atoll Aqua.  I have many green baskets, storage boxes that compliment this shade of blue.  If time allows, I will paint my teacher desk and short shelf as well.


I picked up some green fabric to cover my bulletin boards, two of which I will border with this gears motif…


Essential Questions for current units of study will be on one of these boards.  The other one will toggle between visual patterns, notice & wonder, Would You Rather and other thought-provoking prompts, hoping to integrate student interaction somehow.

One of my skinny boards up front will be used as an anchor chart for Sentence Starters to build accountable talk/debate,  questioning.

I would like to play off this poster I saw at Mardel’s while at TMC…


Good Thinkers Spotted Here to celebrate out of the box ideas, questions, student statements.  My concern @tchmathculture and  @cheesemonkeys will this add to status in a non-productive way?

Somewhere in the room, I would like  Shout-Out space for students to celebrate successes as the year progresses.  Last year, I used a Wall of Champions, would like a similar idea, but not necessarily limited to academics. Here’s a suggestion from Pinterest



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  1. your stuff is so cute. can’t wait to see the final product when you get in your room. I love the last picture – I was trying to think of a way to do similar in my room. I’ve had a 100s board, but i want to change and make it more inclusive! let me know what you come up with (so i can steal it!).
    – casey

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