S/O to Jenks, OK #tmc14 non-math


I’ve been home a week now from #tmc14.  Yes, people are like, you went where?  Jenks, OK…a little known treasure until you visit. 

What a pleasant town.  The high school was beyond amazing.  The shops on Main St. were great places to browse the afternoon away.  Some fantastic treats at specialty shops – don’t miss the candy shop around the corner!  The people were so nice.

@druinok – thank you for sharing your special place on earth!

Just want to mention some  of our stops….

Louie’s for lunch – a yummy rueben with fries that reminded me of potato sticks I enjoyed as a kid.

A chocolatety dessert at Carrinos for supper (don’t judge).

Ron’s classic cheeseburger was juicy and cooked to order with a side of fried jalapeno slices…good stuff.

Dyers GameDay Popcorn may have been my favorite of the week.   So many fun flavors but I finally settled on a mix of bacon cheddar and jalapeno ranch.  This place is a must-stop for a visit if you’re ever in the area!

A nice evening on the RiverWalk, some delicious brisket on corn tortillas at Los Cabos and live music made for a wonderful evening to chat with friends.

The following day we enjoyed lunch at Camille ‘ s – their chips and salsa hit the spot.  A late dinner at Sante Fe Cattle Company was a fun way to end the day.

Our last day we grabbed trusty Subway and heavenly caramel crunch cupcakes from Small Cakes…another must visit when you’re in Jenks!

After a quick trip to Mardel’s we enjoyed an evening with our fellow TMCers at The Melting Pot.  The Riverwalk was filled with people enjoying a nice evening of more live music.

Again…who knew Jenks would offer such an abundance of fun times, good food and great memories.

If you find yourself in Tulsa, take some time to visit Jenks!


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  1. I was just so excited to set up my blog reader and have your post be the first one to come through this morning. Well said, and I have been craving cheddar popcorn this whole week!

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