Still Waiting


I knew when a I woke up this morning, it was a day I didn’t need to be around people. 

I had my quiet time.  Some coffee.  Trying to perk a positive attitude.  No dice.

We were told to be at school by 8.  I continued to talk to myself as I drove to school.  I finally arrived to quiet halls, no hustle and bustle of teachers moving furniture.

I walked into the gym to see what I could start moving when a group of colleagues walked in and were told they couldn’t get into their rooms.

No fault to anyone, it just wasn’t happening.  But none of this helped my attitude.  I’ve struggled all day with it.

We (my daughter and her friend) headed out of town.

A stop by KSS landed some new border…


They picked out the paisley for my front boards…I will add magnets and use it to border my white boards.  I went with intentions of getting the gears for my Essential Questions and Math Challenges boards.  The dots for my “Good Thinkers Spotted Here” and a I am not quite sure about the colored pencils, I just liked them.




Each of these 3 finds Target dollar spot.  I am always in need of stickers.  I haven’t quite decide how to use the star post it’s.  But that foam clock can become a unit circle with new labels added.  Ideas?

Who knows when inspection says we can be in.  We are still startinh Monday. Tomorrow though was a preplanned family day…


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  1. How frustrating that you can’t get into your room! But I do have an idea for your stars. I was excited to see them in the dollar bin because I needed star shaped sticky notes for my “perfect score, first try” wall. Any kid who gets a perfect score on a test or quiz gets a sticky note attached to their paper. When they get it they write their name and the topic on the star and then tape the star to the wall. I have a photo from mid year in this post: It’s a great way to recognize hard work without me having to remember in class. I just grade with the pack of stars within reach.

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