Some Family Time… non-math


It’s been a good day. 

No alarm set.  I woke up on my own, rested.  My family slept in as well.  Some biscuits and chocolate gravy as a treat for breakfast.

Initially we thought about a road trip to Chatanooga for the Aquarium but then realized we didn’t want to fight traffic on 127…it’s the weekend of the World’s Longest Yardsale.

So, we headed north.  In an effort to miss construction on 65 and destruction (sorry yarsdsale lovers) on 127…we ventured through one of my favorite places… Bardstown-my home for the first 4 years of my teaching career.  A beautiful little town rich in history.

Our first stop in Louisville was Kentucky Science Center.  It was a treat in my younger years to visit here.





A new fun book and thinking cards for my classroom…



We walked down the street to the Louisville Slugger Museum. 


So much geometry here!




An average of 60 billets come from a standard tree.

To hand mill a bat is 20-30 minutes.  The machine used some awesome forms (2d) to mill a bat (3d) in like 30 seconds.  I suppose there’s a calculus application in there as well. 

It was a good day, with family.  Some needed, quality time.  I am so blessed.


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