Progress in Room 123


Our administrators and custodians have gone above and beyond this past week to make our building as presentable as possible.  Never a complaint.  I appreciate their efforts and time. 

My room is as ready as it will be for day 1.  I still have boxes to unpack but the necessities are out.


My new banner from up front…why be average when you can be amazing!  To the right of the board, I plan to list some sentence starters for discussion and writing.


Excited about the door way.  I have post-it ready for students to create a shout-out wall (door)…


This small bulletin board – complete with my thinking poster from @algebrainiac!
I have light bulb post-its to recognize good thinking.


I will post more as I get things going.

My plans for Day 1:

Algebra 2 – Survival Game for theoretical v experimental probability and the law of large numbers;

Geometry – Chaos game, Sierpinski’s Triangle…Notice and Wonder.

Applied Algebra I – begin with Noah’s Ark & whiteboards, set up INBS, A bag of Marshmallow and Spaghetti, just in case.


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