One good thing…



For their exit tickets today, each student was asked to share one good thing about their week.  It could be about class, school, sports, work, family, other activity… 

Some made me smile.  Others made me sad…reminding me this job is about so much more than teaching math.

And my one good thing this week- my students made me smile a lot.

I am grateful for a good start to the new school year.


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    • It really was a whim. But i thought on my drive home…do I do the same each week? Or change it out, maybe one goal for next week… one thing I can improve from this past week… possibly create a list to cycle through.

      As for favorites… seeing friends, getting to go fishing, I got into ____ class, I love this class. One even wrote “you’re the real mvp, Mrs. Wilson.”

      Just thought it was a good way to end the week on a positive focus.

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